Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Berry, J.A., Cepuran, C., & Garcia-Rios, S. “Relative Group Discrimination and Vote Choice in Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Whites.” Politics, Groups, and Identities, Online. (Link)
  • Berry, J.A., Ebner, D., & Cornelius, M. (2019). “White identity politics: Linked fate and political participation.” Politics, Groups, and Identities, 1-19. (Link)
  • Berry, J., Chouhoud, Y., & Junn, J. (2016). “Reaching beyond low-hanging fruit: Surveying low incidence populations.” The Oxford Handbook of Polling and Survey Methods. (Link)
  • Berry, J. A., & Junn, J. (2015). “Silent citizenship among Asian Americans and Latinos: Opting out or left out?” Citizenship Studies19(5), 570-590. (Link)

Publications in Progress

  • Cepuran, C., Berry, J.A., & Garcia-Rios, S. “White identity and welfare chauvinism.”
  • Weller, N., & Berry, J.A. “White identity and vote choice.”

Book Project

  • “White identity politics: Race, partisanship, and power.”

Google Scholar Link

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